Step Into Your

Comfort Zone

Get Equipped & Fit

With Superior Exercising Equipment

& A Better Treadmill Experience


Keeps you in position on the treadmill

Giving a sense of safety and security for increased intensity

Creates a sweat band on and off treadmill

Absorbs excess moisture to keep you comfortable

Helps with posture and running form

Enables you to run longer with less discomfort

Core support

Targets mid-section to increase results for better everyday movement + physical activities

Increases comfort on treadmill

Improving your balance and overall stability improves endurance overtime

Allows you to multi task

Whether reading while you walk, wiping away sweat, taking a drink, taking a peek around using VR goggles or watching tv

Plus benefits of closing your eyes

*Like meditation and accessibility for the blind


Exercise is great to connect with yourself & help build your physical & mental health


01. People Running For Distance
02. Young and Elderly
03. Physical Therapy Patients
04. People With Minimum or No Vision
05. Walkers and Sprinters
06. Assistance For Anyone
Premium Exercise Equipment

Superior Treadmill Support

STATIC BAND was created to help with stability on the treadmill improving balance and overall comfort. It has a range of benefits that create assistance for individuals with their training and provides access for those with disabilities to improve health.

We are ecstatic to have grown into what we are now and look forward to more growth and improvement.


Static Band can be used in 3 simple steps:

1 Center yourself on treadmill

2 Adjust straps to comfort

3 Exercise

As a fitness athlete I understand the necessity of our equipment and it’s comfortability while exercising and that’s what I hope to incorporate into lives with my Static Band equipment. Being from Ohio we experience all seasons which typically moves activities indoors, and whether you walk or run the treadmill is great for your cardiovascular health. Exercise causes your heart beat and body temperature to rise helping with things such as blood flow, functions of the body, gaining or exhausting energy and allowing an atmosphere. With Static Band’s ability to allow runners to feel more comfortable while they run enhances this atmosphere creating a place to zone out and not be interrupted by your surroundings.